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We work for you towards choosing the best insurance carrier for  your requirements.

Freedom Brokers aims to Provide Expert care and Quality Service.

Freedom Brokers takes the balanced approach of a 3 – legged stool. With only 1 or 2 legs, the stool is very unstable and can prove unmanageable. Come to us for a complete comprehensive solution so that we can consider all of the things that affect your life, not just some. Whether it be your business or personal life, most people need to deal with their past (debt); many need to deal with the current situation to PROTECT it. Then most people wait until it’s too late to leave the legacy and plan for the retirement they need. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE.
Give us a call today for a free analysis to see how the available solutions can give you the FREEDOM to live life well. CALL TODAY (618) 364-0378.

An Independent Advantage
We at Freedom Brokers are independent agents in Marion, Illinois. We work for you and not the insurance company and are free to choose the best carrier for your insurance needs. When there is a loss it’s our job to make sure that everything goes smoothly so your claims get fair prompt payment and service from start-to-finish. Freedom Brokers is a business with deep knowledge of their communities. We represent a carefully selected group of financially strong, reputable insurance carriers that offer competitive rates while still maintaining integrity.

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The Advantages of Working with Us

Here are few reasons you should work with an Independent Insurance Agency

One-stop shopping experience

You will be able to find multiple companies and wide options

Easy Switching

Switch without hassle and find the most suitable insurance

Unbiased Advice

We don’t represent one company and can give you multiple options to choose from

Personalized service

Higher quality customer care than big corporate companies

Your advocate

We help all the way from policy reviews to claims assistance


Erie Insurance has been helping customers since 1925 with their auto, home, business, and life insurance needs.


You can count on us for high-quality services because we have been in the industry long enough to know what matters most to you: good customer service and quality guidance.
Freedom Brokers

Personal Insurance

Personal insurance plays a central role in your financial well-being. It can help provide financial security and keep your assets protected.

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Business Insurance

Business insurance is important as it can help protect your company from potential lawsuits or financial losses

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Employee Benefits

Employees are a company's most valuable asset. Comprehensive employee benefits can attract, motivate and retain employees.

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Packaged Business

Looking for help protecting your Business? We  can help you get that peace of mind within your budget.

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Home Insurance

Lost Passport
Medical Payments
Additional living Expenses
Personal Possessions
Property Coverage

Lost Passport Coverage

Risk Factors

While on vacation in Europe, you lose the tote bag that has everyone’s passports.


Your homeowners policy can help with the cost of replacing passports and other valuable papers.

Fire Coverage

Risk Factors

You act quickly and prevent a grease fire from getting out of control, but smoke damages the counters and cabinets in your kitchen.


Property coverage in your policy can help if your house is damaged by fire and/or smoke.

Theft Coverage

Risk Factors

You return from a family vacation to discover thieves have stolen electronic equipment from your media room.


If your possessions are stolen, damaged or destroyed in an insured loss, your coverage can help replace them, up to the policy’s stated limits.

Medical Payments Coverage

Risk Factors

A guest at your annual Fourth of July barbecue trips on the steps between your deck and the lawn fracturing his wrist when he falls against a stone retaining wall.


Medical payments coverage can cover the medical costs if a visitor is hurt on your property, regardless of liability.

Additional Living Expenses Coverage

Risk Factors

You heard the warning sirens and escaped uninjured, but you can’t live in your house while tornado damage is repaired.


Coverage for additional living expenses can help with the extra cost of a temporary relocation caused by a covered event.

Personal Possessions Coverage

Risk Factors

You mastered the basics of surfing during lessons in Hawaii but your wedding ring is stolen.


With personal possessions coverage, lost jewellery is covered up to your policy limits.

Property coverage

Risk Factors

You’ve lit several candles — which unintentionally start a small fire in your apartment.


Property coverage under your renters policy may help if personal property like a sofa and a bookcase are damaged by fire.

Our Carriers

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  • ProtectiveLogo20174CHagertyIndiana-Farmers-Insurance-with-Garfield (1)
  • Midland National Life Insurance Company LogotransamericaLiberty Mutual Insurance Logo


  • MM

    Great service
  • Betty H

    “I am so appreciative of everything Josh has done for me and my husband this year. Josh has saved us a lot of money on our insurance this year and I thank the lord everyday for him and everything he has done for us.”

Books Published By Josh Zettler

Entrepreneur at heart loves to see people succeed and help them succeed.

Devout Christian, service-oriented, philanthropist – serving 25+ charitable organizations.
Family-based and married to an amazing stay at home mom and homeschooler, raising 4 wonderful kids.
Serves in his local church teaching leadership classes and speaking.

Graduated from University of Michigan with an Aerospace Engineering degree – takes rocket science jokes personally.
Monthly publication newsletter, avid reader, and lifetime student.

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